Jewelry Care Guide

Do you want your ring to shine forever? Learn how to take care of it with this handy guide to ring maintenance.

Take It Off.

Please be aware that even though we offer you the best quality of products, take care of your beloved piece of jewelry could be necessary. Wipe the dust off from time to time or take it off during strenuous exercise or activities that involve water using such as doing dishes and gardening would do a lot on keeping your jewelry being in good condition.


If you'll be taking your ring off to do the activities above, make sure you have a safe -- and memorable -- place to put it.

  1. Keep It Free From Lotion, Sunscreen And Perfume.
  3. Be Careful In The Kitchen. You’d better remove it When doing some heavy work…
  4. Don't Wear Jewelry In Swimming Pools and Spas.
  5. Remove Your Jewelry Before Bathing - Remove all jewelry before showering or cleaning.

Keep It Clean.

Most jewelers will clean your ring free of charge, so take advantage of this courtesy. If you don't have time to get to the jewelry store, there are a few ways to clean your ring at home.

toietmoijewels suggests using a gentle dish detergent to clean lotion buildup from the bottom of the mounting. Simply scrub the top and bottom with a soft toothbrush and rinse several times in hot water. For extra shine, soak your ring in a small bowl of ammonia diluted with three times the amount of water, and gently brush the top and bottom of the mounting with a soft toothbrush. Dip the ring into the solution again, then rinse in warm water several times to be sure to get all of the solution off. You may set the ring on a soft towel to dry, or gently pat it dry.


Our Stone Maintenance

Everything needs maintenance, people need maintenance, and so do stones. In order for our jewelry to continue to shine, we need to know how to care for our stones.

Method #1: Do not bump into hard objects and do not wear with them.

Because our stones is second only to diamond in hardness, our stones is prone to scratching other jewelry. Although our stones is hard, it is also brittle and can be shattered by violent impacts. For this reason, you should avoid bumping our stones and wearing it with other stones.

Method #2: Do not expose our stones to high temperatures and sunlight.

Exposure to high temperatures will cause the internal structural molecules of our stones to expand, causing cracks to appear on the surface of our stones, which in turn will cause stone to fracture, a principle of "thermal expansion and contraction" that is easy to understand. For this reason, you should keep it away from high temperature heat sources.

Method #3: do not touch acid and alkaline chemicals.

Acid and alkaline chemicals are corrosive, and the surface of our stones is susceptible to these corrosive substances, which can reduce the brightness of your our stone. At the same time, the internal structural molecules of our stones may be damaged, resulting in the loose and brittle texture of our stones. For this reason, you should avoid contacting our stones with items containing acidic or alkaline chemicals such as cosmetics.

Method #4: Regular Cleaning

All gemstones require regular cleaning, and so does our stones, which is oleophilic and susceptible to oil contamination. If you wear your our stones every day, it is best to clean it every two weeks. A common cleaning method is to use a soft brush while rinsing with water. For better cleaning results, use a neutral conditioner for the stone.


What is Sterling Silver?

100% of our items were made in 925 sterling silver. Because pure silver is much too soft to be used in jewelry, it is often combined with other metals to create a more durable metal. When 92.5% of pure silver is mixed with 7.5% of other metals (often copper or zinc) the resulting alloy is called sterling silver.

What is the stone you use?

All of our jewelry is manufactured using the best quality handpicked stones.  There are two types of stones we use for jewelry: Sona Simulated Diamonds and Moissanite Stone.

What is Sona Simulated Diamonds?

Sona Simulated Diamonds is an excellent alternative to natural gemstones because it is more scratch-resistant for everyday wear. Unlike natural gemstones, the Sona Simulated Diamonds was developed to be more durable with better optical characteristics than of a diamond. Full of fire and perfect for those who want the highest quality at a very affordable price. More than the standard of 4Cs. 

Will Moissanite Stone pass the diamond test?


Will your jewelry turn my finger green?

No, in almost all cases, these rings will not turn your finger green. However, if a person has a naturally high acidity level to their skin, it is possible for their finger to “turn green” from silver or gold jewelry, especially when the weather is warm and humid. This “green finger effect” may also be an allergic reaction to alloy elements in sterling silver or gold. In some cases, the alloys used to make jewelry more durable, may react with your body chemistry, causing a harmless green or black discoloration on the skin.

What is plating on your jewelry? Will it let my finger allergic?

We have a rigorous quality control process to ensure the quality of all of our jewelry. In fact, We have rhodium plating over our jewelry, which include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold.

Rhodium plating is often added on to silver jewelry to increase shine, luster and durability. It will also make the metal more scratch resistant and, when used on silver jewelry, less prone to tarnishing.
And there is no one said that our ring let their finger allergic. Please don't be worry.

Will our jewelry drop stones?

No. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail by seasoned craftsmen. We'll do 3 rounds of strict quality inspection before it is shipped out. Our packages are also shock-proof and anti-squeeze measures when packing. Occasionally, dropping stones may be caused by the packaging received a heavy blow or don't pay attention to maintenance jewelry when wearing.

Do you have any retail locations?

We currently only have an online store. We may have retail locations in the future.

How do you secure my payment information?

We understand that the safety of your personal information is extremely important to you. We take security very seriously and do not process any of your payment information ourselves. All payment related matters on toietmoijewels are handled by paypal and Credit card.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept PayPal Express, PayPal Credit, and all major Credit/Debit cards.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

If you did not pay for the order, then you can modify and reorder.
If you finish the payment for your order, you can cancel or modify it in 24 hours for any reason. If more than 8 hours, Please send a request to our customer service ""representatives your order for assistance.

How to return the order?

To request a return, or if you otherwise require assistance, please email us at: After we receive the returned order, our Quality Assurance department will inspect and verify the condition of the item. Once an inspection is complete, your return will be fully processed.

What is your return policy?

We offer an easy, hassle-free 30-day return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a refund within 30 days of the delivery date.

If I don’t like the product I purchased?

We want you to feel free when shopping at toietmoijewels, which is why we offer a 30-day return/exchange policy. If you don't like the jewelry after you receive the package, just return it unused and in its original packaging. Upon acceptance of your return, the refund will be issued to your original account.

Note: A small amount of physical products has little differences with the photos due to lighting, display color and different understanding of the color. Please choose the ring carefully and the actual product shall prevail

 Do you offer engraving?

Yes, we offer free engraving, we do not charge for engraving, also we request to double-check on engraving and ask for the images of engraving before we ship it out to you.

Why are toietmoijewels Prices Comparatively Less?

The answer is very simple when you buy jewelry from other stores or retailers it's not directly from the manufacturer it will go through the following way

Manufacturer - Wholesaler - Dealer - Retailer - Customer/End-User

There will be a commission charged or profit at every channel they pass from.

When you buy from toietmoijewels it will be made by us as we cut and polish our own moissanite and make our jewelry we are manufacturer and sell directly to customers/end users

toietmoijewels --Customers/End-User

We also don't have any retailing store, our expenses are minimum and pass all benefits to customers